Good deals are pretty common today. There's some anxiety – and mystery – around car buying, but with very few exceptions dealers are focused on offering the right cars and products to meet your needs.

New cars don't have a great deal of markups. But deciphering a “deal” gets more complicated with used cars.

The value of a new car is transparent, since it's easy for someone to go online and see what any car is worth.

When it comes to used cars, there are a number of variables in determining the price, so it's not as easy to evaluate the fairness of a deal. This is where negotiation comes into play.

I suggest checking out a car-buying service to compare vehicle prices. Mileage, wear and use, and customizations are factors to keep in mind, along with supply and demand in the market.

If you've done your research, but still aren't sure what to buy, look to a dealer for help. Ask for referrals for a trusted dealer. Reputation matters in this business, so it's in the dealership's best interest to treat you right and make it a great experience.

Be confident. You've got this!

This is intended for informational purposes only.

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